THOUGHTS: Under Those Stars

Thoughts-there is a conclusion here but it doesn’t revisit the introduction; instead it forges onwards into a land unknown.


There is no right way.

You can follow the rules and get kicked out. You could dot all of your ‘i’s butstill make an error. You could try your best and still lose.

If there’s no right way, there’s no wrong way and if there’s no wrong way, then I should be willing to try but I’m stuck on the dock too scared to let off the lines and sail away into whatever the future holds.

I’m scared to lose. Yet still, I want to cross the ocean. I want to explore those foreign lands over yonder. Climb the mountains, eat the food, swim in the ocean on a moonlit night. I want to figure out their foreign language and their strange street signs. I want to become acquainted with their lifestyle and their ways of self expression. I want to see how they build their boats, how they make their beds and how interact with the environment.

The future is a secret and I want you to be a part of the revelation for a really, really long time. I want to ignore the failures of the relationships around me and think that this friendship could continue and get stronger.

All of this and I don’t even know if our paths are going to cross again. I know that things don’t have to last for ever to be beautiful. I know that this is already beautiful. I’m thankful for this.

Que sera, sera; whatever will be, will be. I think we’ll make a groovy pair too. I want this but it isn’t happening now, for now, we’re building our boats. We’re fortifying them, we’re learning more about them and the seas that we’ll sail. We’re exploring the shores that out boats lie on. These shores are intriguing but I think about being at sea under the clear skies speckled ¬†with stars and I’m reminded of how I feel when I’m under them next to you. I think of the storms and they pale in comparison.
I look forward to being under those stars (with you).


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