Montreal is Our Thing

Planning is our thing.
Later, dinner, forever.

Planning is our thing.
If we focus on the future the present is less suffocating.

Planning is our thing.
I’m looking forward to coming back to Montreal.

The present is our thing.
It’s all that we actually have. These fleeting moments; halfway lived in, halfway gone. These are our only possessions.

The present is our thing.
Montreal is my home. It’s the best home that I could ask for right now. These eternal beings in this temporary city, resisting this imposed ideology of ‘the good life’.

The present is our thing.
These people are my people. I am their person. Their art is my inspiration. Their tenacity is my muse. Their music strums the chords of my being.

Montreal is our thing.

Montreal isn’t always going to be our thing.
We’re going to drift in and out, or just out. We’re going to find new places. We’re going to have new people.

The future is our thing.
One day, someplace else will be my place. One day, I’ll share community with different people. One day my heart will be full in a different land. One day it will be the music in a different town that brings salty tears down my face.

The future is our thing.
Cheap flights in three months. Sailing school. Art residencies. Communal farming. Eastern Europe touring. Pakistan motivating. Collective living. Psychology teaching. Violin playing. Physics teaching.

The future is our thing.
So much so that we fool ourselves into thinking that we are living now, for then.

Montreal is our thing.
These months, they can never escape me. They’ve been etched into my being. They’ve stored their files in the libraries of my conscience. Montreal is my thing. Montreal is part of the essence of what makes me who I am.

I am Montreal’s thing.
We are Montreal’s things.
We are the essence, the spirit, the vibe.

The now is our thing.
Every moment, halfway lived in, halfway gone; forever fleeting.

Rushell Rousseau


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