Spring in Montreal || Catch Me Outside!

 My winter jacket is stored in the mud room.
The sidewalks have more people, it rains often and I can feel the sun on my face.

Spring is here!

Today it is positive 14 degrees Celcius and there are clear skies. I lay down in the damp grass to wait for my bus. The warm golden goodness emanating from the sun is not wasted on me. I soak in this gift.


Around me, the park is alive. Children and adults run in the grass and along the paths. Skateboards and scooters roll past and slack lines of every height and length have been mounted.

It’s a grand day. The best sort of Sunday; one that can be spent outdoors.


The weather is bliss.

At Parc Mont Royal, Tam Tams is in full swing. As the ice melts and flows away from the hill, the people flow towards it.


Gathered under the Statue they drum, dance, juggle and watch. A game of frisbee goes on between two comrades over a group of a hundred people. The Montreal community is here in all of its descriptions.


I’m content with where I am. I am happy that spring is upon us. Montreal is home. These are people that are so different but so much like me. According to Taiye Selasi, I’m a local here. I’m learning the language, I can make a French joke or two if I’m following a conversation well enough.


It’s been more than seven months now. When I first arrived, within the first few days, Nimra took me to Tam Tams for a while on that first Sunday and I was blown away by this weekly festival. You can read about my first few days in Montreal as an exchange student here.

I love this place.


Tam Tams is a weekly drum circle that takes place on every Sunday once it is warm (relative) under the George-Étienne Cartier Monument at Parc Mont Royal. It is a free event and anyone can bring their ‘music contributing’ devices. I highly recommend attending. It’s worth visiting. Find out more about Tam Tams here. 


It’s Monday now and it is 20 degrees Celcius! Can you believe it?


This the first time in months that my legs have seen the sun. Being able to wear a skirt without leggings has been a joy today. I’m going to trade all of my winter clothes for summer clothes at the thrift shop. Short pants galore ahead!


The grass has survived. Albeit, it’s a bit brown but as we all soak in this wonderful sun, it will soon be green and I’ll soon be brown.

I am walking around Le Plateau dropping off resumes and I take a break at Jeanne Mance Park. Totally unplanned but 100% worth it. I make use of the time out in nature to catch up on some course reading. The sun warms my back and the cool continuous breeze calms me.

I try to sit on the ground but the Earth is wet from the melting snow and unlike yesterday, I don’t have a rain jacket (picnic mat) with me. So I resort to a table.


All around me are bikes rolling past and parents pushing babies in strollers. The park table that I sit at, I share with two other students. No library can rival the outdoors today.


I’m now standing in a line for ice cream, I’ve been here for an hour and there is a good chance the milk will make me sick but these trivial things matter not. It is spring and ice cream is a must.


An hour later and here I am! The proud owner of a medium Salted Caramel dipped ice cream cone with grated coconut toppings.


The hour was not wasted; I got to finish the chapter of course reading that I started in the park. I left the park on section 4/12 and I finished 8 section while standing in the line. I now know a lot more about the Vietnam War than I ever did.

Now I’m off to school to return lighting equipment that I borrowed for a photo shoot.


Now I’m at school and the sun will soon be setting. Spring has been utterly amazing these past two days and I’m super stoked to feel the sun and not wear four plus layers of clothes!

Thanks for reading,
Stay springing’!

(@rusharella -Instagram)


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