One Year Later |A Place to Leave My Heart Behind

It’s 11:11!
I can almost remember this time one year ago. Exactly one year ago, this was my first night in Montreal.

I had a plan but not much of one. I booked the last room, in the last hostel with space in Downtown Montreal. In addition to that, I was booked for only one night. After this night, the 1st of September, 16, there was no more room. With not enough money to pay for a lease, I’d have to wait until my scholarship funds got released to me. Only, I needed to have a lease for the funds to be released.

Around this time, I was making my way up Saint Laurent Avenue trying to find number 3655. The street bustled with bars, restaurants, more hipsters than I’d ever seen before and half drunk freshmen enjoying the ‘frosh’ activities of whichever of the four major universities they now belonged to.

Why was I heading here? A friend that I made a year before in Trinidad, while he was on a student exchange had just moved in. I carried two, half dead doubles for him. Of course, my phone had died and I was a wee bit lost. In those first few days, I was more lost than ‘found’. I had walked 40 minutes West or East in the direction opposite to the one I should have been walking in when trying to find Boulevard Saint Laurent. Now, on the street, I was just as lost.

When I eventually figured out how the numbers ran and which side of the street I should be on, I found the address. Out in front, as with most other buildings, there was a mountain of debris left behind by August 31st movers. Looking up at the old brick building, there was a window open with twentysomethings moving, smoking, chatting and drinking. I wondered whether to call out my friend’s name. I decided against.

Being lost humbles you in so many ways. Being in a large, loud, bright, city, makes me shy. I hung around the door that I couldn’t enter. I had no fob and the apartment number rang with no answer. I hung around because things work themselves out. Doors eventually open for you.

The person to open the door was a tall, lanky guy with a not very Canadian accent. I entered and tried to find the apartment. I got directions after knocking at the wrong door, then entered a place that unbeknownst to me at the time would become my home. Its inhabitants, my people. Its floor, my floor.

But on first days you don’t yet know these things. With my stale doubles and a gift of grapes, I sat there and chatted on chairs that I would sit on for many more times. On first days you don’t know. The people, the culture, the streets, the administration. You don’t know but you soon will. On first days you don’t know if you’ve entered a space that a piece of your spirit, being, vibe, heart, soul, whatever you wish to call it, will never leave.

On first days, you don’t know.

Very soon I’ll be having another first day. If you check back or follow this blog, you can be a part of that journey as well.

Stay in, stay adventurous, stay wild,


Selling my Vanguard 420 Sail Boat |420 FOR SALE

Hi there,
I’m selling my sail boat.
It is a 2007 Vanguard 420 that I shipped down to the Southern Caribbean from the US.
It comes in good (very good) condition along with all three sails.
They are also in good condition.
I love this boat.
I’m moving on,
It is time for a new person to
discover, enjoy, or continue their love for
the sea and sailing

It breaks my heart
for it to sit waiting,
for the wind to cross its sails,
for the rudder to explore new paths,
for the spinnaker to carry the hull across new finish lines.
It is a great boat to learn teamwork, coordination,
balance and sail trim on.

I spent my teenage years sailing
every Saturday and more if I had the opportunity.
On a family summer vacation to Grenada and the Grenadines,
I strapped it onto the bow of my parents’ yacht
and had a swell time sailing in the stronger winds
of Grande Anse and the Lagoon

My 420 is currently in Trinidad,
however, I am willing to ship it to anywhere
in the Southern Caribbean
for free.
(Grenada & the Grenadines, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Tobago)

The details:
Price- $35,000 TTD / $5200 USD
Year: 2007
Maker: Vanguard (now Laser Performance)
1 Jib, 1 Main, 1 Spinakker, 1 Trailer, 1 420 sail boat, 1 sail bag, 1 blade bag
FREE SHIPPING (I am not adding anything on extra to the cost of the boat. This is the lowest approximate value of the boat and I’m trying to get it sold quickly at this great price while taking on the potential cost of shipping. 


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More photos:

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Rushell Rousseau
Call today to view and purchase.
***Hey friends, if any of you find a buyer to purchase the boat at the price I am calling, you will get a 10% commission ($3,500TTD / $523USD).

Thank you!
Rushell Rousseau

For A While Now


F O  R    A    W H I L E   N O W

Every thing that is going on, has been going on. Nothing is new, things have grown, shrunk, transformed; still the same things.

I haven’t posted anything on this blog for a while now.

I’ve been back in Trinidad for a while now.

I’ve been watching my plans for the future come to fruition for a while now.

I’ve been heart broken over relationships that ended abruptly, for a while now.

People around me have been dying for a while now.

I’ve been wondering about life for a while now.

I’ve been trying to find a job & make money for a while now.

I have not enjoyed the rainy season for a while now.

I have been constantly tired for a while now.

I have been mulling over which path to choose for a while now.

I think about you daily for a while now.

You‘ve been an extra reason to smile for a while now.

I’ve been missing sailing for a while now.

I’ve been looking forward to migrating from Trinidad for a while now.

I’ve been considering anti depressants for a while now.

I have been wanting to write something, anything, on this blog for a while now.

Nothing new, still the same things.

Stay in, stay caring,