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Discipline, Motivation & the Tides | THOUGHTS

So here I am, feeling more shattered than wholesome. I think back to a year ago. Back then I was certain that by now the tides would be changed.
They did not.

Moral Compasses & Compromises

Challenge yourself but don’t put yourself in positions that you don’t feel comfortable in.

Not just comfortable, but if you feel like you are morally compromising your beliefs then you need to change things.

Even if it is difficult because that situation comforts you or provides for you in some way or another.

Often times, things that are against what we stand for take great tolls on our bodies when we partake in them.

Jobs, relationships, classes, sports, meals. If done in alignment with your moral code, even challenging activities can improve your mood.

However, challenging activities that aren’t along your path really break down your life stamina.

Love yourself, don’t spend your fleeting life doing things that break you down. Where there is a will there is a way. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Seeing that I no longer participate in one of the activities that I talked about above, I was able to have some extra time to attend a yoga class today.

You cannot see my smile but Sir Whaley is smiling back at you.



Doing Good For All The Wrong Reasons

I was doing good for all of the wrong reasons. I was doing good towards other people for my own betterment. I wanted to be as close to being a good person as possible so I did good. I even tried really hard at it. I was getting good at being a ‘good person’ when I realized how I’d missed the whole point.