Five Years

This started as an experiment, a log, diary sort of thing, turned into a travel blog, a public place to share private emotions. It was a place where I connected with so many people whose feelings at some point or another matched mine. It was a place for my family and close friends to know things about me that I wanted to share with them but could manage to say the words.
So I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote.
(Often with lots of photos.)

Sometimes, I would not write for months, other times I’d post three times in one week, or  once a week for five weeks straight. There wasn’t much method to this Great Perhaps. Of course I had plans and well intentions for turning this blog into something well known and wonderful. Yet I also just enjoyed the familiarity of it. I enjoyed not having to go through my grammar with a fine tooth comb and not receiving too many comments to respond to.

When I reflect on the exact moment I started this blog, the girl sitting at her university dorm room desk, struggling with depression, a desire to have meaningful connections with like minds, and just to write about anything and everything, isn’t so hard to remember. Some things are still a work in process and I’m slowly having the experiences I urged for in Becoming. I’m yet to see the Aurora Borealis, dive the Bianca C, or sell coconuts on a beach in Bali. However, I’ve let off lanterns with dear friends on a frozen lake, spent three days camping in a place I had never before hear of and I don’t own an iPhone. I don’t experience phases of depression as deeply or frequently as I back then. I’ve recorded in this blog one of my best moments alive.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes was that I released my beliefs, ideas and superstitions about our existence, origins and the reason for it all. Now I accept that which is. I am a conscious being having an experience in a space as enormous or minuscule as imaginable at one moment.

One thing that I would have expected to be changed by now, is my status. I’m still an undergraduate university student. At the time I was in Barbados, studying for a Bsc. Ecology. Now, I live in France studying French and teaching English. I’m on my second leave of absence from my Ba. Communication Studies in Trinidad. I should graduate within the next two years.

I’ve started another blog project but I’m not yet ready to share it with the world. However, this little spot of data remains my ‘blogging home’.

I hope you stick around and find an enjoyable read. I’ve tried to tag some older posts that may take you back to long gone memories.
Happy reading!


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